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Whether it is to train for a specific goal such as a triathlon, fun run or to lose weight and to feel better about yourself, our aim at CAWGYM is to help you develop the confidence and knowledge to be able to include regular exercise in your life. It’s often through exercise that we rediscover ‘the old me’ before work and family pressures took over.

We aim through a consultation and conversation about your daily life to ascertain your energy requirements needed to achieve your goal.  

Our diet consultations aim to help with the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Bulking
  • Food education
  • Daily food planning
  • ​Supplement advice and recommendations

​​Prices starting from £45

When we eat and drink, we’re putting energy (calories) into our bodies. Our bodies then use up that energy, and the more physical activity we do, the more energy (calories) we use.  To maintain a stable weight, the energy we put into our bodies must be the same as the energy we use by normal bodily functions and physical activity.


Perfect for you if:

  • You're not seeing results

  • You don't know where to start

  • You're bored with the same old workouts

  • You need to be challenged

  • You want to learn how to exercise on your own

  • You need accountability and motivation

  • You have a specific illness, injury or condition

  • You're training for a sport or event

  • You want supervision and support during workouts

  • You think you've tried EVERYTHING else



This package is the evolution of our past success stories and what we now feel is the complete answer to a healthier future for our clients.  Our previous 30 day intensive package produced incredible results in a short space of time, however, left some of our clients with a "short lived" success.  30 days had proved too short in producing a healthy habit of consistency and longevity. 

We open your journey with a consultation to find out your wants, manage your expectations and most importantly to discover your "WHY".  Your why is the most powerful tool we you can call upon during the testing times and "excuses" that will spring up during your transformation.

After this...its all steam ahead to the new you.  There is no set number of sessions during your 12 weeks just whatever we feel necessary to getting your result.  Diet formulation and nutrition support, body composition and measurement checks, One to one training, small group sessions, classes and other techniques are all at your disposal to GETTING IT DONE.  Some times the power of sitting with us for a coffee and just getting it off your chest can be as effective as a sweaty workout.  

Our Transformation packages are ALWAYS in high demand and vary hugely with seasons so prior booking is often a necessity. 

From £500 per 12 week transformation


70% towards your success lies here in

Your ultimate goal is going to governed to what does and doesn't go in your mouth and what activity you do or don't do.  It's a simple scale



The body loves routine, in fact other than finally making the great decision and walking through our door, having a structured routine to work to is one of the most important factors in achieving great results. Jumping from machine to machine hoping for a result is what most peoples training consists of and of at no fault of their own, most gyms will give a simple induction and then offer no future support either through lack of experience or knowledge. 

Structure and direction is the true path to great results. Our programs come with 12 weeks of P.T support and incremental body testing and measuring to see the effectiveness of the program.

Our programs aid in all manners of training requirements

  • ​Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Sports specific
  • Strength and power
  • Rehabilitation
  • Core strength
  • And more...

As always, all our one to one services require a consultation which is FREE, call us today to book yours

Prices starting from £90

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