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I joined CAW GYM about 6 months ago to lose weight and I am beyond happy with the results of 2 stone to date!! I cant wait to reach my end goal which I have so much confidence in obtaining with the help of CAW.  The gym has become a real lifestyle change, almost an addiction! I cant thank the team enough.

 I snapped my Anterior Crutiate Ligament during our annual skiing holiday and was told the only option was surgery… During pre-operative discussions with the surgeon he mentioned the necessity of joining a gym on several occasions - never having entered a gym in my life and still being reasonably fit - I wasn’t convinced, that was until I commenced rehab and realised quite how intensive the program is and that walking, cycling and general fitness simply aren’t enough to repair the damage caused during the surgery. I visited several gyms in the area and decided to go for CAW GYM because they were very open to tailoring a specific exercise program to meet my current abilities and future rehab requirements.  They didn’t try to push a generic “fits all” program, but listened to, and acted on, my specific needs. When I started at the gym muscle wastage was particularly noticeable on my calf and quad, four weeks in and the program devised has really started to produce results - I’m feeling much stronger, more balanced and I’m no longer favouring my operated leg. CAW provides a fun, motivational and (most importantly for me) safe environment in which to rebuild strength and confidence following an intrusive surgical procedure.  The staff are patient when teaching new exercises and techniques, they correct where necessary, push but never punishes and remain unfailingly encouraging and supportive throughout.  They have made my first foray into gym life challenging and surprisingly enjoyable! Having just returned from a post-operative appointment with my surgeon, who was very impressed with the progress made, I was prompted to write this review - I know I wouldn’t have made nearly as much progress and would likely have lost focus and motivation without CAW's guidance and enthusiasm. Full recovery is still a long way off, but I’m convinced I’ll get there with these guys behind me. I’d have no hesitation in recommending CAW GYM to a complete novice right through to a pro – in fact one of my friends has already joined on my recommendation.





SO many more great stories .  Here's a good cross section of our client base

I joined CAW GYM  in December 2013 when it was Harts fitness with the aim for getting into shape for a once in a lifetime trip to the USA the following summer. Having lost five-and-half stone within six months through sensible eating and regular exercise in and out of the gym, I now train to keep the great feeling I've got from my weight loss and maintain my goal weight.

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Since my teens I have always had a passion for weight lifting and considered the thought of competing as a bodybuilder. I never thought it would have been possible until I was given the direction and knowledge to see it through.  I am so proud to see the trophy in my home and my picture on the gym wall.  I know that one day I'll compete again, and when I do, I know that CAW GYM will have my back.

I had been a member at a large gym chain for 2 years, paying a fortune just to use there facility and getting no results. I joined CAW GYM  as a Platinum member after getting a free week. I was nervous at first, but was amazed at what a friendly place it is. Unlike my previous gym, all the staff know you, and keep you motivated. Three months later I had lost 2 1/2 stone and 3 inches from my waist

I Joined CAW GYM with the intention of getting into my dress for my wedding day.  The gown I had chose was 2 sizes to small yet having it altered was never going to be an option.  I upgraded from silver to platinum membership as I was spending more time with a PT than not, and this was the most cost effective method for me.  My workouts had direction, I was continually challenged and motivated towards my goal.  My big day arrived and my dress fit perfectly. CAW GYM really helped me feel amazing on our big day.

I've have been training at CAW GYM on and off for the last 2 years but over the last 2 months I have been training 5-6 days a week for half an hour a day. I have used weight machines as well as free weights doing kettle bells, boxing, upper body weights, lower body and core. I have lost over 8kgs and 8% body fat and gained lean muscle. I feel great, my eating habits have improved dramatically  and I have more self confidence.