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"My training had become a little stale and i lost interest. I have always enjoyed training but needed abit of help. After a conversation with Craig, I felt with his expertise he could help me. it was a tough but enjoyable 4 weeks with the new training programme but i trusted his guidance" - Danny Wheatley 

"Caw is a huge part of my life, the staff are brilliant and so so supportive. It's like a family. I'm hoping to compete later this year and everyone including members have really helped me and advised me where i need to focus and also given me alot of diet advice. I would not have felt confident enough a good few months ago to take a picture of myself but wanted to show off the hard work and how much it pays off" - Tracy Denton

"I am so happy with my final result, i feel like Caw Gym is my second home, everyone makes me feel good and their advice and support has been number 1. I would not be here if it was not for Craig and the team"- Danny Nicho

"Danielle is one of the most commited girls! Having recently become a Mrs her aim was to loose weight and also tone up to look amazing in her wedding dress, she followed a programme we made for her and we helped her along with her diet and we can all confirm she looked better than amazing!. We as a team have never been prouder" - Caw Team

" Liam has been a long standing member of the gym and is very strict on his diet, with our help and advice and a holiday booked Padge trained alot of cardio with a weight vest and also threw some weights in the bulk up...and what a great holiday look he got in the end" - Caw Team

​"Gemma is a massive part of the Caw family being Craig's daughter. Her weight has fluctuated but she is now more focused than she has ever been and looking at this amazing transformation you can see she is a hard worker and the result is getting better and better. She is still on it....and determined!. She has the constant support from her dad Craig and all the other team and also the other clients who constantly support her throughout!. Well done Gem" - Caw Team

"I absolutely love Caw, i get so much support from everyone its brilliant. If i ever need any direction help or advice i can ask any of the staff and they are always willing to help. I am so happy in the outcome and how i look now! Thank you my Caw Gym family" - Corey Mead

"Tracey has been with us for awhile, she's an absolute hard worker and when she wants something she will thrive to get it. These pictures are amazing. Tracey is looking at competing later on in the year and we will be supporting her and helping her with both her training and her diet advice. She is a confident girl and will get the results she so desperately wants" - Caw Team

"I absolutely love it at Caw, the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere sets me up for the day as i tend to come often in a morning. The advice and help the staff have given me is brilliant and also the support from everyone else has helped loads too. Love this place" - Liam

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"Danny has been one of our longest standing members and he wanted to refocus his training and get back into shape. We did Danny a 4 week training and diet plan to get the best results and as you can see we are really pleased with Danny's commitment and the outcome" - Caw Team

"Corey has trained at Caw for a long time, he mainly wanted to build muscle and show some amazing definition. As you can see from these before and after shots he has made some amazing progress with our support" - Caw Team

"Damo has trained with us for a very long time and has been outstanding and dedicated. His weight has fluctuated but he has never given up on himself. We have supported him throughout and picked him up when he has thought about giving up. He is always here in the morning and always here at night....a true hard worker destined to look his best. The Caw Team are very proud" - Caw Team

"I cannot believe my before picture, It's been really hard but the support from my dad has been amazing and the other team. I cannot thank people enough. I am not only proving to myself but i am proving to everyone else i can do it and i still want to get better...more pictures to follow. Continuous support Caw Family....Thank you" - Gemma Wheatley

"Danny has been with us for awhile and is a real hard worker as you can see from his amazing transformation. Danny wanted to gain size and and show definition. He kept on a strict diet and a hard training programme. The end result is shown!" - Caw Team

"Before i started training at Caw i was not entirely sure what was the best way to loose weight and gain muscle but Craig really helped me, he wrote me a great programme and diet plan and i could not be happier with the results! Great Team and vibes in Caw and their always their to give the best advice" - Arron

"I look at the before picture and cannot quite believe i got to that. I sometimes loose direction but not now. My aim is to get fitter and more toned and keep it up. The Caw lot have been great to me. Their support has been the best. I cannot thank them enough and the clients and the atmosphere just keeps me coming more and more. I would never train at any other gym" - Damo

"I have never felt better about myself than what i did on my wedding day. The whole Caw Team, Craig, Bev, Vicki and Jo have all kept me going even when i wanted to give up on myself. I could not of got here without their help, encouragement and advice. Thank you all of you" - Danielle Mycroft

" Arron has been a member of Caw Gym since Christmas and wanted to lose some weight and also gain some size, as you can see he has worked really hard and been extremely dedicated and with help on his training programme and diet he has put on 20lbs of muscle and no body fat! Amazing" - Caw Team